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Aesthetex, established in 2022, has opened its doors to offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures to our local community. Through our affiliated general practice, cosmetic injectables and anti-wrinkle treatments have been offered and provided through Jimboomba Junction Family Practice for the last 10 plus years. It has never been formally advertised, until now.

We noticed an increasing demand for the provision of quality cosmetic procedures given by competent and well-trained practitioners that is doctor- led. After all, injectables (Filler and Anti-wrinkle treatments) are prescription only products and all of our prescribing is done in house and not outsourced to any third party. Clients in the industry may be familiar with having to have a prescribing doctor come on via a video service in order to approve their treatment. 

Dr Willet has been providing cosmetic injectables for well over a decade. With a strong background in the practice of anaesthesia, Dr Hucker been busy adding to his skillset through completing advanced course work in the provision of cosmetic injectables. 


Our two doctors, Dr Hucker and Dr Willett are the owners/directors of Aesthetex as well as both being cosmetic practitioners. Nurse Leia currently provides cosmetic injectables with anti-wrinkle and filler treatments but also provides Laser Hair Removal plus many other laser treatments in the new year. We also have Taylor (a registered dental health practitioner) who provides all our in-house teeth whitening. We have our lovely beauty therapist, Dimity, who provides all of our facial treatments, chemical skin peels, microdermabrasion and also laser hair removal in the new year. Lastly but certainly not least are our two amazing administration officers, Jo and Kate. We all benefit from the instrumental support given by them to enable us to do what we all individually do best. 

We have put together a diverse range of quality practitioners to offer our growing community a wide range of quality cosmetic procedures all under the one roof. All practitioners have extensive training in their relevant field and we are Doctor lead (no outsourcing). We are all locals to the area and have been part of the local community for many years 

Our experience in the industry has shown that you can never be too careful with where you get your advice and cosmetic treatments from. It is important to get your advice from trained professionals and only have the best and most studied products on the market injected into your body. Like all medical procedures, they carry some risk and you want to make sure that your practitioners are readily equipped to deal with any potential complications. 

We love the relationship’s that have been forged in the community over what seems like a lifetime that most of us have spent in the area. We also enjoy bringing products and services to the area that they wouldn’t otherwise get and also deliver those services with the utmost professionalism and quality. 

We welcome you to explore what we offer and can’t wait to help you on your cosmetic journey. 


doctor-led injectables