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Chemical Peels

A Chemical Peel will reveal a smoother, softer skin that looks refreshed. These treatments are customised to your individual skin type and will include a consultation. Skin preparation may be required and there may be some down time. Speak to the skin therapist for suitability. 

Skin Consultation

Not sure what treatment would best suit you? We can tailor a treatment plan or home care routine to help you reach your skin care goals. 

Chemical Peels

AHA Enzyme Peel (Hydrating, lightly exfoliating and calming)

Ideal for a client having their first professional peel or new to using highly active skincare and professional treatments. Vitamins B3 & B5 calm and strengthen, Hyaluronic Acid is super hydrating and papain enzymes gently exfoliate.  

 Peel Accelerator (Brightens and renews and smoothes the skin

Ideal for treating mild pigmentation and decongesting an oily skin type. Promotes Luminosity with a perfect blend of AHA’s too deeply exfoliate. Skin prep is key.

 Ageless Peel (Concentrated anti-aging skin revitaliser) 

Suited to most skin types. Ideal for treating a skin showing the signs of aging and sun damage.  A skin rejuvenating treatment working deeply to encourage healthy new cell production. Promotes radiance and a smoother textured skin. AHA’s, amino acids and ceremide complex work beautifully to regenerate the skin. Skin prep is key. Minimal downtime.

 Purple Peel (resurface/refine/rejuvenate

An intensive AHA/BHA cosmeceutical grade peel. Improves texture and strengthens skin integrity. Reveals noticeable improvements for sun damaged, prematurely age skin and acne prone skin. Has antibacterial and inflammatory properties, minimising pigmentation to leave skin smooth and luminous. Downtime up to 14 days.